10 ways to stay productive


      When it comes to productivity we all want to be best at it. Though the reality is we are always ‘trying’. In this age of internet we have so many things to distract our minds so staying productive has become all the more difficult. Though the productivity game has become difficult but the rules of success remain same. Here is our top 10 in the list:



      Utilize and divide your time for each task in hand – The only way you can stay productive when you have lot of work in hand is by utilizing the time in hand. You have to divide your work and allocate time to each task and try to complete them one by one in allotted time.



      Take a break – Productivity graph can never be straight line on a productivity-time graph. It will always go down with every hour you put in your work. So it is very important that you take break at regular intervals and start again with a high.



      Get off the Internet – In the last point it was mentioned to take regular break as they are important, but make sure your breaks are not unscheduled internet breaks; they take in lot of your time and distract you which automatically brings down your productivity.



      Meditate and relax your mind – If your mind is not relaxed and occupied with too many thoughts at a given point of time then you can’t fully concentrate on your work and there is no way you can win the productivity game. One way of solving this problem is regular meditation to calm your mind.



      Turn on some music but make sure it is just the music, no words - Music helps productivity. This has been proofed scientifically time and time again. So keep some tracks in your phone and play them when you feel your productivity is getting compromised.



      Tracking – Tracking you productivity graph is as important as hard work to success. So make sure you are tracking it and taking small steps on daily basis to improve on it. Don’t set big goals when it comes to increasing productivity. That is not going to help. Take small steps but keep moving regularly.



      Set a deadline and do not break it – It is very important to keep the deadline for every task and make sure you don’t get in a habit of breaking it. Believe me, this habit is very easy to get. So make sure you have zero percent failure rates. As the saying goes - Don’t think about it, don’t talk about it, do it.”



      Love what you are doing – Unless you don’t love what you are doing, productivity does not come in pictures. So if you are talking about increasing productivity in a particular work then make sure you love that work.



      Use your commute time – On an average a person commutes 30 minutes daily, which is close to 6 working weeks in a year. You can listen to audio books, watch videos etc in that time. You should not let go any time in hand wasted.



      Keep a positive attitude – This is a rule in general and applies to all the fields. Unless you are positive that you can bring a change in your attitude and win the game, you will surely not win. Stay focused and stay positive.



      To end the list here is a beautiful quote by Francis Of Assisi - Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.




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