The Art of Being Interesting



      Your success largely depends on how people around you take you and it is applicable for everyone – whether you are doing a job, running a company, you are into sales etc. Unless people around you like you it is not possible to succeed and to be liked you have to be interesting. Mastering this art is lot easier than you think; all you need to do is read and follow below points. Here we go – 



      First, don't be boring - The main reason why most of the dates, networking events, marriages, sales and deals fail is because one of the people is boring and no one likes boring. When you are talking and something is at stake make sure the interaction with other person is not flat line graph. If you able to achieve non flat graph the conversation automatically gets interesting. In a conversation you have to make emotional jump and make other person’s brain jump - something in conversation which touches heart or mind of other person.




      Good listeners – What do you prefer to do when you are with someone – talk about yourself or listen about them? The other person is also expecting the same. So make sure the other person is talking more because if you give them that opportunity chances are more that they will like you. The main secret to be a good listener is to engage yourself in the conversation.  Let the other person know that they have your attention and focus. When you are not engaged in the conversation, the other person will notice and will most likely not want to talk to you again.



      Give Feedback, Ask Questions – No one likes to be corrected directly for their faults. If you want to point something to other which you think other person would not like, then learn to do it in a different way. Put up some scenarios and questions which would make them think and probably they would realize their mistake and come to that conclusion themselves rather than you pointing it out. When it comes to giving feedback you should give constructive feedback rather than negative feedback.



      Other person’s interest’s matter – A person would only like to talk to you again if they feel there is bond of similarity between both of you. To create this bond you have to talk about their hobbies, their life and new things happening in their life. If you already know a great deal about their topic of interest then the battle is already won. If not, ask details about their topic of interest and be a good listener. This way you are making 2X progress in art of being interesting.



      Be a story teller – Next time when you get a chance to see an act which was both engaging and interesting, try to figure out which part of the act you liked the most. More often than not, we like parts of any act/conversation which has a story in it about someone. So try to have some stories in your kitty which would entertain, inform or engage your listener. The other important thing is you should know when and where to narrate these stories. If you can master this act people would surely remember you after meeting and would like to meet you again.




      Charisma is all that matters – Last but most important point; you should have an X factor about yourself. To most it comes naturally but it can also be worked upon. When someone asks, why you liked that person, there should not be any specific reason because charisma cannot be defined. Words matter but your body language is most important in the end. 




      Let us know most interesting person of your life and why do you think they are interesting.




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