Secrets to Master Your Email


      When you get up tomorrow morning try and track how many mails your receive per day, how many times you check your mails and total time spent in doing so. According to studies, an average employee spends 33% of the time in reading and replying to the mails. Mastering mails is an art and its time you know the tricks to master this art. Do you really need that much time and is there a way out of managing emails better? Yes, there are few practices which you can follow to save time –


      Turn off Email Notifications – An average person receives 50-400 emails per day. Now you have emails on mobile devices, smart watches apart from desktop, getting so many notifications on daily basis is lot of distraction. Even with 50 mails a day you will be disturbed 2 to 3 times every work hour which is sure to decrease your productivity and also consume lot of your valuable time.


      Unsubscribe from Newletters – When you check number of mails received tomorrow, also check how many of them were really important or of some significance. You would be receiving mails from so many sources and for most of them you won’t even remember signing up to like daily beauty tips – do you really need those tips daily? So make sure you unsubscribe from all the newsletter that you find irrelevant. If your list is too long then there are few sites which can help you in doing so.



      Importance of subject line – Get into a habit of conveying the action required from the mail in the subject line and also educate others to do the same. This will make sure the reader know what to do with the mail and there will be no uncertainty is receiving the response. Some of the subject lines to use are –



      FYI – SUBJECT: signifies ‘for your information’ and that no response is needed on the mail.

      ACTION REQUIRED by DATE – SUBJECT: This will make sure that recipient knows that some action is required on receiving the mail and there is deadline for also for that.

      SUBJECT –EOM: where EOM stands for End of Message. Such emails have a small message in the subject itself.



      21 minute game – If you really want to save time on mails then stop checking them every hour. Decide the time when you will be checking mails in a day. It could be once in morning, afternoon and once in evening. Other habit which you should put into use is checking mails in your unproductive time like travelling. You can also make a game – 21 minutes a day. Set a timer everyday for 21 minutes and start it whenever you are viewing and replying to your mails. This will make sure you send short and crisp reply whenever required which will also save receiver’s time.



      4 D’s of mails – Whenever you open your email you should be doing one of the 4 –

      Delete – If the mail is not of any importance just delete it so that next time you don’t see it and waste your time on it.

      Delegate – If someone else is required to work on that mail, forward it immediately to concerned person

      Defer – if you defer an email, then put it in your calendar and you will be notified in time to come.

      Do – If your response is required on mail without any work then respond immediately.


      If you follow the above methods, you are surely going to save in lot of time. 



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