Time to stop cash on delivery in India? Gym Trainer Kills Flipkart Delivery Boy For a smartphone!


      A Flipkart delivery man was killed by a gym trainer to get hold of the smartphone parcel he ordered without paying money in Bengaluru, reported NDTV.  The 29-year-old man’s body, throat slit, was found in a life shaft. 

      “Varun Kumar, a 22-year-old gym trainer, has been arrested for murder.”

      According to the police, Swamy was brutally murdered as K Varun Kumar, a gym-trainer by profession, did not have the money to pay for a Chinese phone he had ordered.
       When swamy didn't return home for two days, his family filed a missing report, and the police tacked down his last delivery point – the gym.
      Following the murder of the employee, Flipkart released an official statement - "We are deeply anguished by the loss of one of our delivery associates and are focused at the moment on extending all possible support to his family to help them cope with this tragedy.The Flipkart group values the safety and security of its staff above all else and makes no compromises in this regard. Our workplaces and premises are closely and continuously monitored in order to prevent any risk to their safety. In view of this disturbing incident, we have initiated a review and will strengthen our on-field safety measures."


      On December 9, around 12.30 pm, Swamy called up Varun from near the building who asked him to come to the second floor. Varun, who did not have money, tried to snatch the smartphone from Swamy. The victim, however, managed to overpower Varun and ran out of the gym; the accused then hit his head with a flower pot. When Swamy fell, the accused attacked him again with another flower pot kept in the gym's passage. After the victim fell unconscious, Varun slit his throat with the knife that he had kept in the gym for the purpose.


      Unable to find the whereabouts of Swamy, his father lodged a complaint with the Byatarayanapura police on December 11, as his office was located in that area.


      Meanwhile, the police discovered the body in the lift shaft in Vijaynagar but they were not aware that it was Swamy’s.

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