• SUPREME 100LPD SOLAR WATER HEATER Solar Water Heaters from use Evacuated Tube Collector (ETC) Collector offers a reliable supply of solar hot water for residential and commercial applications.

    Evacuated Tube Collectors combine the high efficiency performance of evacuated tubes with rapid heat transfer capacity of heat pipes to provide a collector that can operate efficiently in almost any climate providing hot water for residential or commercial solar water heating projects.

    What is a Solar Water Heater? Solar thermal systems use sunlight to heat water — for domestic use, swimming pools and more. A typical direct solar thermal system consists of collector, pipes and an insulated tank. Solar energy is the primary energy source for our planet as it is responsible for providing energy for plant growth (photosythesis) and providing the warmth that makes our planet habitable. A solar water heater is one of the most effective ways of cutting a household's carbon footprint by reducing reliance on dirty fossil fuel usage. By offsetting the use of electricity, gas or heating oil, using solar water heaters can also provide financial savings by reducing energy costs.

  • general details
    Manufacturer certificationISO 9001:2000
    tank specification
    Inner tankSS 304
    Outer claddingMild Steel (powder coated)
    Tank insulationHi-density injected PUF insulation
    Tank orientationHorizontal
    Tank protectionSacrificial anode not required
    Tube fixing with tankDirect Coupling
    collector specification
    Number of tubes10
    Outer tube diameter58mm
    Tube length1800mm
    Tube materialBorosilicate glass
    Type of applicationHard water
    Type of collectorEvacuated Tube Collector (ETC)
    other features
    Product features5 yr. warranty on inner tank & system performance
    Supporting structureMild Steel (powder coated)

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      • Rated: 4.5
      • This water heater is incredible choice for the normal family. It is sufficiently enough to give boiling point water in only couple of minutes. This water heater is of good quality besides does not expand expenses of electricity as it is energy efficient. This item has Energy Star-guaranty. You'll going to notice a decrease in energy expenses using this water heater. Great quality for cash, energy effective and practical.
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