Any suggestion on best ready made eCommerce platform for India?

December 02,2016
Please suggest me a good eCommerce platform for India, which can be easy to deploy and cost effective.

Thanks in advance
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    Mamatha S Summary: Shopify is the best option as of today! But Magento is gaining popularity with reduced prices.

    Shopify Limitations :

    They are not open to customization without changes in the CSS.
    It charges a 1-2% transaction fee, which can be wasteful if you receive limited orders or belong to a low margin industry.
    Shopify offers limited free features as compared to its rivals. Remaining ones are third party solutions which usually fall on the expensive side. You do have the option to develop your own plug-ins

    Magento limitations:

    not suitable for a single man operation and bulky for small stores. Setup cost is much higher than any other platform

    You may also want to see BigCommerce and Drupal Commerce

    KartRocket and Zepo are the new Indian player and trying to be the Shopify of India
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