Is Birla Open Minds the Best CBSE School in Hyderabad

February 16,2019
Birla Open Minds implies a unique blend of academic and sports curriculum on its students to ensure their physical as well as mental development. This curriculum includes a series progressive lessons based on scientific research which consider the individualistic capabilities of every student along with enough emphasis on their physical development. The curriculum forces these children to go beyond their physical as well as mental limitation making Birla open minds as one of the best CBSE schools in Hyderabad.

Apart from academics, the Curriculum also offers various outlets for the students to express their creativity. Visual arts, theatre, drama, music are few of the creative activities that students at Birla can participate in which allows them to enhance their talent. Birla open minds also provides world class infrastructure where students can learn and grow while being surrounded by various facilities and amenities at their disposal.

Since it is an international school Birla Open minds makes sure that it students learn to respect and appreciate other cultures. Being open minded is really necessary in this era of globalization. Open minds make sure that it students become socially adaptable and learn to mix up with different cultures.

Apart from students, teachers also improvise on their teaching techniques to ensure that each one of their student is able to comprehend their lessons. Practicality is kept as the foremost priority to make sure that students learn to apply their knowledge in real life situations. Students also participate in various mock sessions that simulate real life conditions, hence preparing them for the real world in the future.

So the basic ideology followed in Birla Open minds focuses on the individual all round development of its students. Students are taught to tap into their individual potential rather than just pre programming them into getting good grades. This enables them to become self sufficient so that they could follow their own path ahead.
This unique mixture of academics and individual development of these students make Birla open as the best CBSE school in Hyderabad.