DevOps Training Institute In Noida-Delhi

December 19,2018
Inovi Technologies is the leading and best preparing foundation for devops & different advancements in noida,delhi. we have solid record of giving position help with worldwide MNC's.We provide job oriented training courses with best infrastructure for both classroom and training. To get more info:

Module01: Introduction of DevOps
What Is Cloud Compung?
Understand DevOps, its roles and responsibilies
DevOps problems and soluons
Idenfy cultural impediments and overcome it
Understand the infrastructure layouts and its challenges
Network Concepts at Enterprise Scale

Module 2: Version Control, GIT
How GIT Works
Working Locally with GIT
Working Remotely with GIT
Branching and Merging

6. Resolve merge Conflict

Module 3: Jenkins
Introducon of Jenkins
Install and setup Jenkins
Introducon about Maven project
Setup Jenkins with Maven Project
Continuous Build and Deployment
Build Pipeline View Project
Generate Reports & Enable Mail Notification
Jenkins to run script remotely
Add Jenkins node/slave
Run Jenkins behind apache proxy

Module 4: Docker
Docker Introducon
Docker Installaon
Major Docker Components
Manage Docker Images & container
Manage Docker images from Docker file
Docker Volume
Docker Networking
Docker Swarm (Cluster Management)

Our more course are:
MEAN Stack
Data Scientist
RPA(Robotic Process Automation)
Web Development(PHP)
Digital Marketing

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