what the alternatives to zoom cars ?

December 15,2016
can anyone suggest me the alternatives for zoom cars ?

Thanksin advance
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    Megha B H Hi Divya,

    Here;s is the comprehensive differences btw major rental players across India

    Overall rating:
    1. Zoom cars
    2. Myles
    3. JustRide

    Zoom cars:
    Since they are the first player in the market, they have a huge advantage. overall technically/operational wise, these guys are at the top.
    Pricing may be little higher compared to the rest of the two
    Customer service needs improvement

    Price wise better than Zoom cars. Quality is not up the zoom cars level.
    Customer service is good

    Least priced. Quality is good. Less options.
    Customer service needs improvement.

    December 15 6:55 pm -